What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the action of providing awareness of your product or service to an online audience. An online audience includes those use the internet or applications for multiple purposes such as browsing for information, connecting with social networks, or entertainment.

Why is Digital Marketing Important

With more than 4.5 billion people using the internet, and 3.8 billion on social media, having an online presence to bring awareness of your business, products, and services seem like a no-brainer. As mobile device usage increase, being in front of an audience where attention lies is more important than ever.

What does Digital Marketing Include?

An online presence can range from having a simple website to maintaining a social media account to digital advertising. 

Types of Digital Marketing

In addition to a static website, active digital marketing activities include:

  1. Content Marketing: creating informational or educational content such as blogs, videos, or articles
  2. Social Media Marketing: using social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram to bring awareness to users of the network
  3. Email Marketing: sending newsletters or updates through email to those signed up
  4. Display advertising: generating graphic, text, or video ads to be displayed in locations such as websites, social media networks, or apps.