food search inc

Why We're Not Like Any Other Food Platform

Our Why

Before I provide our Food Search Inc. updates below, I’d like to explain our why. Why another platform, why we’re different, and why Food Search Inc. exists.

I’m sure we all know someone or came across customers with dietary restrictions before. I’ve had this first hand experience when visiting my baby cousin over a year ago in Vancouver. Navigating menus, asking for ingredient lists, and just looking for specific dishes became time consuming and a huge hassle. But what if I could browse through multiple menus and see only the dishes that are relevant?

We know there is an increasing trend in preferences (vegetarian, keto, vegan, etc.), food allergies (gluten free, nuts, dairy, etc.), and just spontaneous cravings. We believe that by providing valuable information such as ingredients or allergens at the time of ordering, a new set of customers can be unlocked while at the same time, give others more options and a better experience.

Our platform’s goal isn’t to be like any other “food ordering platform”, but a new way for everyone to discover and learn more about the dishes that you put your hard work into creating… for future generations.

Our Platform

With a hyper focus on local, being a part of the platform means: 

  • Being connected to our growing number of IG followers
  • Access to our newsletter subscribers where we promote your best dishes, monthly holiday specials, and events
  • Being able to connect directly to foodies for giveaways & contests
  • Exposure during digital scavenger hunts where we create clues that lead customers straight to your dishes
  • An easier way for customers to find your dishes with a single click

Platform Updates

Our website redesign now allows searching by dish, preferences, and location. Terms like “vegetarian” or “tacos” can be found across menus at the tap of a keyboard. Let your dishes be the first to be found. (demo video below)

How easy is it to use? Well, we asked a bunch of foodies about their thoughts.

Coming Soon: a filters section for users to select food & preference categories

Thank You!

The pandemic has affected everyone, but also know things will get better and it’s the best time to be innovative. Thank you for your time and please contact me anytime at vinson@foodsearchinc.com if you have any questions!