What are the Benefits of a Digital Menu?

The coronavirus has completely changed the way restaurants operate. As places begin reopening, new procedures and precautions are necessary. Employees and customers must feel safe and welcomed before returning to restaurants. Steps to make a restaurant safer include posting signs for social distancing, reminding customers to wash hands, and implementing contactless solutions such as using a digital menu.

Digital, Contactless Menus Remove a Touch Point

Contactless menus are digital menus that customers can view on a mobile device. Utilizing a phone to present a menu to customers means exchanging and sanitizing physical menus are not required.

Scanning a code at a table or entering a web link into a browser provides access to a digital menu. Customers must be given a QR code (a unique “barcode”) that is readable by a mobile device. Instead of traditional menus, digital menus provide customers with menu information without the chance of spreading germs. Additional benefits include cost effectively updating dish items and providing visually appealing photos to customers.

Traditional Menus Collect Germs

Passing a menu between employees and users cause germs to accumulate on it’s surface. A menu per person, especially in large groups, results in cleaning each one when returned. Minimizing the exchange of menus can reduce the spread of germs.

By accessing a menu on a customer’s phone, the process of handing out and the cleaning of menus can be eliminated. Once a customer has the menu on their phone, they can view and learn about dishes all in a contactless environment.

Updating Menus Take Time and Money

Cleaning and sanitizing traditional menus will deteriorate it’s quality and lifetime of use, requiring frequent and faster replacements in the future. In addition, there is currently uncertainty in obtaining specific ingredients due to their unavailability or price. Many restaurants have reduced the number of dishes on a menu to streamline their services.

The addition, deletion, or adjustment of menu items becomes unfeasible with physical menus. Redesigning and reprinting them become costly and time consuming.

Digital menus allow real time updates to dish information, prices, and pictures across all copies. Imagine being able to change an item right before service starts! Because they offer more flexibility and adaptability, digital menus make sense in the current restaurant environment.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Humans are visual creatures. We purchase based off what we see. Instead of plain boring text and a handful of pictures on traditional menus, digital menus provide customers with vibrant photos of food, for all dishes.

contactless digital menus for restaurants

How Digital Menus can Work for Restaurants

By reducing the cleaning of menus or disposing one time menus after every use, digital menus can reduce the already limited labour and resources that restaurants are currently experiencing. Customers and employees will also feel safer as there will be no need to exchange menus back and forth.

Changes made to digital menus are in real time and lower the costs of redesigning and reprinting menus. With menu data connected to one QR code, adjusting a menu updates all menu copies simultaneously. Users can view menus on their own individual device using just one QR code.

QR codes printed onto advertising material such as business cards or takeout menus allow a menu to reach more customers. Their compact size requires less paper than a traditional menu and are a great way to provide customers with menus on the go.

As restaurants adapt to this once in a life time event, thinking outside the box and becoming innovate will be the key to survival. Contact us to learn more about digital menus and how they can benefit your restaurant.