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Need a quick and easy way to take online orders? Let foodies discover your menu, unique goodies, and dishes much easier.

At Food Search Inc., we’ve simplified online ordering. Share your unique treats directly to others with a single link. Eliminate the hassle of managing a website, hosting, and even payment processing. We do all the heavy lifting.

Your link is also connected to a larger food platform where everyone can discover your creations in seconds. Foodies are always in search of something new. Show them what you got!

How Does This All Work?

Flaunt your creations in 2 simple steps:

  1. Send us your menu through the “Start Here” button below and any photos to info@foodsearchinc.com. We’ll create your unique online ordering link. See Demo.
  2. We’ll get in touch to setup your mobile device to start receiving online orders! We’ve made accepting pickup and delivery orders easy. See our Pricing Guide for more info.

Bonus: Let us know of any specials or featured items you’d like to promote and we send it off to our newsletter for foodies!

Ready to Reach More Customers?

More information about our setup process is below.

Online Ordering Setup Guide

This guide below is a walk through for setting up your business with Food Search Inc. We show how our online ordering platform works and will cover the following:

  1. Summary of how our online ordering platform works
  2. Setting up a vendor account
  3. How customers order from our platform
  4. How your business receives and views orders
  5. How we payout to your business

1. Summary of How our Online Ordering Platform Works

Our platform foodsearchinc.com is designed to connect your business with customers looking for new and unique dishes. Vendors will receive a unique link for their menu to process orders for takeout. Three parties are involved in every order:

  1. The customer who places an order and makes a payment
  2. Food Search Inc. who manages the platform, sends orders to the business, and remitting payments. 
  3. The vendor who receives the order from Food Search Inc.

2. Setting up a Vendor Account With Food Search Inc.

To setup a vendor account with Food Search Inc., the following are required from your business:

  1. A menu with item names, descriptions, and prices.
  2. Any available photos of your food
  3. An email address to:
    1. Receive emails of incoming orders & communications
    2. Receive access to our web platform
  4. A phone number(s) to text or call your business of incoming orders
  5. Banking information (e-transfer email or direct deposit bank information) to payout weekly remittances. More details in Part 5.

3. How Customers Order From Our Platform

After your menu is added to our platform, customers can view and order items directly through your unique menu link. Below is a demo of how your menu will appear on the platform. Customers will be able to:

  1. Browse, learn more, and order dishes from your menu
  2. Make secure payment by credit card through our payment provider Stripe
  3. Receive their order details (order number, quantity, items, & prices) by email

4. How Your Business Receives and Views Orders

When a customer completes an order, you will:

  1. Receive a text and/or phone call notification for each phone number registered to Food Search Inc. Notifications provide you with:
    1. The pickup order number
    2. The customer requested pickup time
  2. Receive an Email Notification of the order details that include: 
    1. The customer’s contact name, email, and phone number (optional);
    2. Order number;
    3. Requested pickup time & date; and
    4. Quantity, item name, and total amount paid
  3. Receive the order through your admin account on the platform’s administration page that includes:
    1. All the details mentioned above

How Online Orders Appear for your Business

Switch Items Out of Stock With Ease

The Menu Editor in your admin page will let you switch items in & out of stock in real time. Gray toggles shut off items instantly to prevent the item from being ordered. Your menu will automatically update so customers know what is available.


5. How We Payout to Your Business

We collect all payments and payout on a weekly basis. Remittance statements are emailed once a week that summarize the orders of the previous week. For example, in a Sun-Sat period of Jun 6-12: 

  1. A spreadsheet will be emailed on Sunday, June 13. The spreadsheet details on a line by line basis each order’s total cost, GST, service fee to Food Search Inc. and amount remitted.
  2. Payments will deposited to your bank through E-transfer or Direct Deposit within 7 business days (on or before June 22)
For pricing information, please visit our Pricing Page.

Looking to Reach More Customers? Tell Us More about Your Business!


Online orders are sent by text, email, and/or in a browser window. Any mobile device that can receive text and has an internet connection can receive orders. No application required.

Customers pay directly on the platform. We use the payment processor Stripe to accept all major credit cards. Orders are securely verified by Stripe before being sent to your business.

Food Search Inc. processes and collects all payments. We payout to each vendor once a week. 

If there is an issue and a refund is required, please email us directly at info@foodsearchinc.com with the order number and amount to refund. We will process refunds within 24 hours

Yes! Cancel anytime at no charge. Please let us know 5 business days in advance to discontinue the service.