Tips on Printing & Placing a QR Code

A QR Code is an amazing way to provide users with more information, such as a full menu in a restaurant setting. Did you know they were first designed in 1994? Below are some tips to successfully use codes to provide users a faster and easier way to learn more about your business.

Tips and Tricks when Using a QR Code

  • Print QR Codes at least 1 x 1″ to ensure mobile devices can read them correctly
  • The contrast between the code and it’s background should be high. A black code on top of a white background works best to maximize readability
  • When printing QR codes onto table cards, promotional, or advertising material, provide clear instructions to the customer. Provide actions to take and the information that will be provided when the code is scanned with a mobile device. Some examples of what to include when printing a QR code are:
    • Instructions to “Scan to View our Digital Menu”
    • Steps to “Use a mobile camera, QR Code reader app, Or Type the link into a browser”
    • The website link that is connected to the QR code
qr code table card
Example of a Table Card

Where to Place a QR Code

Once printed, the code should be placed in a highly visible and high traffic area. The goal is to provide customers and users the opportunity to stop, take out their phone, and scan the code to obtain more information.

In a restaurant setting, the best place for a QR code should be at tables or the store front. When a customer is seated at a table, having a table card with clear instructions works best to provide them with a contactless menu. Posting a code at the storefront such as behind a door or on a sandwich board could encourage interested customers to scan the code to learn more about your restaurant. However, designing a poster around the code to catch the attention of customers is another thing to consider.

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