The Russian Tea Room: a Unique Russian Food and Psychic Experience


Russian Food in the Heart of Downtown Edmonton

The Russian Tea Room is located in downtown Edmonton and provides a pretty unique experience. When you enter the restaurant, you get a very homely feel. In addition to a menu of traditional Russian dishes, the restaurant also provides in-house psychic readings. Their recently updated menu includes hand-made Russian dishes in addition to burgers and pastas for the downtown crowd.

The Russian Tea Room wraps their hand-made pierogies in-house and comes in several flavours. Our first bite into our cheddar and potato pierogie demonstrated the time and care they took into making each one. Topped with sour cream and green onions, the pierogi wrap had the perfect springiness and texture with a well balanced filling.

the russian tea room cheddar and potato pierogis

Can't Forget Dessert!

We tried their chocolate cheesecake, which is also made in-house. Super decadent, creamy, and not too sweet, we loved what the baker did with this cheesecake.

We were given such a huge slice that we had to save the rest for later! In addition to their delicious Russian dishes and desserts, their menu also includes French onion soup, escargot, sandwiches, and pasta. 

A Unique Psychic Experience

What makes the Russian Tea Room a unique experience are the house physics available that provide daily readings. We tried our hand after our lunch with a Tarot card experience. The physic was very friendly, informative, and definitely knew what he was doing.

It was our first time doing anything like this but it was a very interesting and fun experience

Together with the hand made dishes & physic readings, the Russian Tea Room is a unique experience you need to try at least once in Edmonton. Their specials and information about readings are all available on their Instagram.

Restaurant Information

The Russian Tea Room is located at 10312 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7 and is open from Mondays to Saturday.