New Asian Village Sherwood Park: An Authentic Indian Food Experience

Authentic Indian Food in Sherwood Park

New Asian Village Sherwood Park is an Indian restaurant with some of the best food we ever had. Their menu has over 200 items and includes authentic Indian food like Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Cauliflower 65. The menu at this location also has an entire section dedicated to vegetarian dishes!

New Asian Village Sherwood Park is originally a buffet service restaurant but had to pivot into a takeout and delivery restaurant due to the pandemic. The restaurant created buffet platters to substitute for the absence of their dine-in buffet.

Each buffet platter is loaded with a selection of mouth-watering Indian dishes. When you order, you receive 8 items. The buffet platter comes with meat curry, vegetable curry, lentil curry, saffron rice, vegetable samosa, fish pakora, naan, and dessert. If you love Indian food or interested in trying a little bit of everything, the platter is definitely a good start.

We also recommend their signature butter chicken: tender pieces of Tandoori grilled chicken in a creamy, tomato-based gravy of butter and cream. The owner, Monika Kapur Lavelle, also suggests trying their Dill Pickle Pakora: pickles dipped in lentil batter and deep-fried to crispy, flaky perfection.

new asian village buffet platter

Unique Indian Dishes and Fusion Food

In addition to traditional Indian dishes, their menu also has unique dishes you won’t find at other Indian restaurants. One popular fusion dish is their butter chicken poutine. The poutine is topped with creamy butter chicken and cheese, a Canadian favourite combined with Indian flavours.

New Asian Village Sherwood Park’s menu also has naan wraps and quesadillas that fuse traditional Indian spices with new concepts. With takeout becoming the norm, handheld Indian food can be a quick option if you are in a rush. 

Another unique Indian fusion dish that New Asian Village Sherwood Park recently created is their Tandoori Fried Chicken (TFC).

new asian village wrap

A New Type of Fried Chicken: Tandoori Fried Chicken

We have all had fried chicken before. A guilty pleasure, this crispy, juicy, and delicious comfort food is never a bad idea. New Asian Village Sherwood Park created a one-of-a-kind fried chicken that distinguishes the restaurant apart from other fried chicken joints.

The Tandoori Fried Chicken is battered with 16 carefully balanced secret herbs & spices and served with crispy Masala Fries and butter chicken dipping sauce. When ordering, you can choose from 4 different spice levels, ranging from “mild” all the way to “Angry Bird Hot”. 

Our first encounter with the fried chicken was amazing. You get a fusion of Indian flavours all in one bite of juicy, crispy chicken. Don’t just take our word for it, New Asian Village Sherwood Park’s Tandoori fried Chicken has definitely been a hit in the community.

New Asian Village Sherwood Park Does Indian Food Right

New Asian Village Sherwood Park is one of the few Indian restaurants in Sherwood Park. They bring some of the most authentic and flavourful Indian food to the city.

If you are looking for a wide variety of traditional or new Indian dishes, it is definitely worth a visit. Their full menu of delicious Indian dishes can be found on our platform. Also don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with new Indian inspired creations!

Restaurant Information

New Asian Village Sherwood Park is located on 10A Main Blvd #200, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3W8 and are open daily.