How to Use Digital Menus in Restaurants

benefits of a digital menu

The restaurant menu: a key that unlocks the creations a chef has so carefully prepared, one dish at a time. From fancy names to detailed descriptions, each item has to sound tempting to catch a customer’s attention. But why are we limited to just words and a few sentences on a page? What if we could use digital menus in restaurants?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Words such as savory, crispy, and aromatic can make anyone’s mouth water. Although these descriptions stimulate our senses, we are left to our imagination to interpret what a dish looks like. People are visual buyers. Pictures catch attentions and increase the desire to learn more.

Would you be more inclined to buy with just a dish description? Such as:

Southern Fried Chicken: crispy, juicy fried chicken seasoned with our secret spices and deep fried to perfection in peanut oil

Or if picture is present?

fried chicken


Southern Fried Chicken

Of course, adding a picture onto every menu item would be impractical. A restaurant would end up with a menu that has many pages and flipping through each would be a pain. Designing and printing such a menu would be costly.

One method to provide customers with pictures is to show menus on their phone. This digital solution removes the barriers that traditional paper menus have, enhancing customer experience.

What are Digital Menus?

The smartphone has allowed anyone to access information anywhere. From news articles to YouTube videos to cat pics. Luckily, this also means that menus are easily accessible to anyone as well. A digital menu lets customers search, filter, browse and learn more about each dish. Pictures, in-depth descriptions, and special tags that would never fit on a traditional paper menu can be included.

digital menus in restaurants


An infinite scrolling digital menu

To open a digital menu on their phone, users are provided with a QR code or web link. A QR code is like a barcode, but instead of bars, black and white squares form a pattern that can be scanned with a mobile device camera. When the QR code is scanned, a link appears on the users phone. Clicking the link will lead to the digital menu.

What can Digital Menus do Differently?

  1. Utilize a search bar or filters to find specific menus items. Text from dish names, descriptions, and categories can be searched in seconds. Instead of flipping between pages, simply type what you are looking for to filter out items that you crave.
  2. Pictures that showcase every item. Each dish is unique. Digital menus become personalized as photos fill up the menu.

digital menu layout

  1. Interactive features such as flipboards and buttons. Flipboards provide detailed information such as descriptions, ingredients, nutrition facts, food allergies and more. Text behind each image prevents any crowding on the front. Buttons can show dish options such as extra toppings, add-ons, or additional sizes.

detailed dish descriptions


Click to flip images over for more info

options and extras for dishes


Options for each dish

  1. Eliminate the transfer of germs during the coronavirus. Instead of exchanging menus back and forth, digital menus provide a safer way to view dishes. Employees do not have to sanitize menus or dispose one time menus.

Digital Menus can Do More

By using digital menus, restaurants can provide customers an interactive and welcoming experience. To see how one works, try out this demo! If you’re a restaurant owner that would like to set up their own digital menu, please send us a message. We love to help!