How Restaurants are Adapting to a New Normal


The Restaurant Industry has been Turned Upside Down

The coronavirus has completely changed the way restaurants operate. Most have switched over to delivery and take out services to weather the complete shutdown of dining in. However, as places begin reopening, new procedures and precautions are necessary to create an environment where employees and customers must feel safe and welcomed before entering into a restaurant.

Maintaining Social Distance

Social distancing for restaurants means moving tables farther apart, implementing dividers, and operating at a lower capacity than normal. Signage and floor markings will be necessary to keep customers spread out with enough space to be able to walk in both directions.

By encouraging reservations or having customers wait in their car before entering the restaurant, control to access in waiting areas could be maintained . Notices on a restaurants’s entrance or website will help customers stay informed. In addition to social distancing, keeping a restaurant clean is just as important.

Increased Cleaning & Sanitization

Before the coronavirus, restaurants were a place to relax, catch up with one another, and share amazing food. We exchanged handshakes and hugs, passed around dishes, and enjoyed each other’s presence. However, new solutions are now required to mitigate the risk of transferring germs.

Signs, posters, and sanitation stations will be necessary for customers to follow sanitary procedures. Reminders to frequently wash their hands, maintain distance with employees, and to not share food or utensils will be required. Cleaning tables and door handles often and switching to disposable and one time use cutlery, menus, and condiments will be the new norm.

Proper equipment such as gloves and masks as well as training will be required by employees. Being reminded to stay home if sick or if anyone in their household is sick will become an important factor to keeping the restaurant safe during reopening.

To keep a restaurant clean, new cleaning procedures to keep surfaces sanitized will now require more time & work. Switching to disposable or one time use items or using contactless options like digital menus can help reduce the number of surfaces that need to be cleaned.

The Restaurant Industry is Changing

In an event like ours that occurs once in a lifetime, everyone has to adapt to survive. Uncertainty however, will create new ideas and breed innovation. It will be long, if ever that we will return to normal. But only time will tell where the industry is headed towards next.