Digital Services

Put your best dishes in front of an audience that matters

Our Packages


For those that don't need to spend thousands on website development
$ 0
  • Online Menu
  • One link. Shareable anywhere
  • Full menu searchable in our database foodsearchinc.com


For those needing online ordering because your time is valuable
$ 79
  • Includes Everything in Appie Plan
  • Easily receive orders through email, browser and/or SMS
  • No app required
  • Know what's coming. Receive orders days in advance
  • Payment processing (5%/transaction)
  • Keep customers updated. Switch dishes in/out of stock in real time
  • Contactless QR code menus


For those wishing to enhance their online presence because growth is important
$ 499
  • Includes Everything in Entree Plan
  • Social media strategy (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Content graphic design
  • Facebook Ads support
  • Promotional influencer events

One link. Share anywhere

Receive orders with no app required

Sold out? Switch items in/out of stock


À la carte

  • Promotional Events
    Promotional Events Custom Pricing

    Reach a wider audience through a foodie event. We'll organize, plan, and coordinate an event to showcase your menu's best dishes

  • Social Media
    Social Media $249.99/mo

    Includes scheduling & maintaining Facebook & Instagram content up to 10 posts/month and 5 designs (image + text)

  • QR Codes
    QR Codes $19.99/mo

    Enable digital menus for mobile devices with a QR code linked to our hosted menu. Useable repeatedly and forever.

Or Send Us an Email


Orders are sent through text, email, or a browser window. Any device with SMS or internet connection can receive orders.

We use the payment processor Stripe to accept all major credit cards upon ordering. All orders are confirmed securely through Stripe before being sent to your business.

We process and collect all payments and payout to your business once a week. 

Email us directly at info@foodsearchinc.com with the customer’s order number and we will process the refund within 24 hours

Yes! Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade anytime as our plans operate on a pay as you go monthly basis