5 Types of Social Media Content for Restaurants

social media content

What is Social Media Content?

Creating content such as blogs, social media posts, videos, and articles are an important part of marketing. Social media content marketing is only one form of digital marketing used to build awareness of your brand. Digital marketing is the act of providing information or offerings that have value on the internet.

Why Creating Social Media Content is Important for Restaurants

Your audience is online. 3.8 billion people are using social media and this number will only increase. To remain relevant in a highly competitive restaurant space, maintaining an online presence is more important than ever. By posting and providing consistent pieces of content, your business stands out in front of competitors that do not post as often, or even have an online presence.

Below are 5 types of social media content that restaurants can post to keep your customers updated or to reach a wider audience.

1. Post About Your Food

Customers come for your food, so it is no question that your dishes should be an important part of your content strategy. Luckily for restaurants, a wide range of dishes, ingredients, and drinks can become amazing content that can be shared. Capture your audience’s attention with delicious descriptions, fun facts, or special offers.

2. Show Your Processes

How is your pizza made? Is it baked in a 100 year old oven imported from Italy? Or has the recipe been passed down for 3 generations? These stories provide engaging content that can provide valuable and interesting details that your audience wants to know!

3. Your Restaurant's Qualities

Every restaurant is a unique experience when you walk inside it. Share posts about the interior to the exterior, and special props that can only be found only in your restaurant. Your audience becomes more familiar with your restaurant’s atmosphere, encouraging them to pay a visit!

4. Your Team

Your team is a vital part of your business and people love to know who is behind the magic. Social media channels are all about the people, hence the term “social”. From the chef to the owner to the staff, sharing whose on your team (with permission of course), puts faces behind a business, enhancing the personality of your restaurant.

5. Your Specials, Promos, and Offers

Everyone loves new items or a good deal. What better way to share a limited-time offer or happy hour special than on your social media? Your followers will love it and even share it with others in their network!

Social Media Content is Important

With more people using mobile devices, provide social media content to keep your business relevant is more important than ever. Need some inspiration? Leave us a message and we can help!