5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant should Use Instagram

What is Instagram?

Attention is online. 3.8 billion people are using social media while 73% say Instagram is best for product posts. Instagram is an image based social media platform to share photos with others. It is an amazing way to keep your audience updated about your business and brand.

If the numbers above don’t convince why your business needs to be on Instagram, here are five more reasons why you should start using this free platform for your digital marketing.

1. Instagram is easy to use

Simply download the app from the App or Play store and signup to setup your account. Once your account is setup, you are ready to start sharing photos of dishes and your restaurant to the world. Instagram makes it easy to take or upload a photo and add a caption in minutes.

2. Instagram is free

Marketing is expensive. Instagram provides a way to build your brand and reach your audience at no cost. 

3. Engage directly with your followers

Connecting directly with customers is becoming increasingly important to understand their needs and desires. With Instagram, you can engage directly by answering questions and concerns through comments or direct messages.

4. Reach new audiences

Marketing to new audiences has never been easier. Instagram allows posts to include hashtags to reach communities that have never heard about your business. Hashtags are keywords with the “#” sign in front of them. 

When hashtags are added to a caption, the post is shared to an audience outside of your following that follows that keyword. Including a hashtag such as #foodie shares your post to those that follow the #foodie keyword, increasing exposure of your food and business.

5. Instagram can be more effective than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing such as radio, newspaper, and billboard ads are a thing of the past. When was the last time you made a purchase from these methods? 

Creating, hiring, and designing ads for traditional marketing time consuming and costly. 

Through digital marketing with Instagram, a simple post can be made in minutes at no cost and can reach hundreds or thousands of users depending on hashtags used.