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Reimagining Foodie Events

Supporting local doesn’t just mean purchasing at local businesses for us. It means a lot more. We focus on collaborative projects that continually promote local cuisines not just for the present, but for the future.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Long Term Project

Finding local dishes you crave should be easy whether you have dietary restrictions or food allergies. However, most of these dishes are mixed in with menu items that you can’t eat. Our goal is to do the filtering so you don’t have to.

Develop a platform to find foods catered just for you.

Collaborate with business to create a more robust ecosystem of local restaurants, startups, and home businesses.

Provide tools for businesses to connect with, communicate, and reach new and existing customers. 

As a Vendor

Connect directly to those who love your food. Every business is different, we focus on what you do best.

As a User

Find only the foods you can eat, based on cravings, lifestyle, or allergies and receive updates from your favourite businesses.

Event Planning

With uncertainty on the return of festivals and gatherings, we offer a safer alternative by reimagining how foodie events are done.

Previous Events

The North Edge Scavenger Hunt

Plan your next event with us! Send us a message at info@foodsearchinc.com